Photography by L'Orangerie Photographie

Photography by L'Orangerie Photographie

The Company

Events by Cece is a creative space and event planning studio for all things to celebrate. Fashion designers by trade, we treat each event as a new collection, piecing together every element to produce a flow of beauty around you and your guests. Our approach to event planning is unconventional, but we promise to create a unique event that includes your personal love story. Our focus is axed on design but our ideas cannot shine without impeccable coordination and execution.

Our Mission

Discreet elegance is what we strive to deliver; it doesn’t scream at you, it whispers. We take your vision and compliment it with our approach to create an event that is timeless. Respecting the aesthetic of the space, we use our organic floral designs and our elevated decor skills to make your event beautiful. From the music to the food, and even to the little chocolates at every place setting, we promise that our technique will give you the most memorable time of your life!


Getting to know the team


10 things you didn’t know about
Jennifer Crisafulli:
Founder, Creative Director and Planner


Photography by Dimitris

Yes indeed, I planned and attended this wedding, I had such a blast!


1- I turn everything into a project. I’m constantly working on something.

2- I love hosting dinner parties - just ask my fiancé.

3- I love my cats to the moon and back! #dontshopadopt

4- I have a degree in Fashion Design and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Naturally, I was destined to become a wedding planner.

5- I google everything!

6- Interior design is my manstress (male mistress).

7- I’ve travelled to many places and adored each one of them, however I’m the first to get home sick.

8- Hard to believe I'm an introvert.

9- I’ve been called eclectic and selective in the same sentence, I guess they were trying to tell me something.

10- I’m a listener.


10 things you don’t know about
Stefania Janiak:
Co-Creative Director and Planner

Photography by Nania Sergi

1. I lived in Paris for almost four years. I'm a die-hard Francophile.

2. I have a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Art History and a degree in Fashion Design.

3. I'm a wine nerd. Right now I'm into biodynamic white wines. 

4. I'm an artist. I love to make beautiful things, it’s incredibly therapeutic

5. I’m a foodie. I love to share big meals with wonderful people.

6. I love markets, they’re a weekend ritual and wherever I travel they’re the first place I go. 

7. I'm a book worm, I always have a good novel to get lost in. 

8. I have an incurable case of wanderlust. 

9. I'm a minimalist. Beauty is in the smallest details.

10. I'm a Cancer, a hopeless romantic with an over-active imagination.