Your Wedding Day Makeup Look

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We all want to look beautiful and picture ready for our wedding day. A big part of that is making sure you hire the right makeup artist, and look your most beautiful self on your wedding day. This makeup tutorial by the one and only Bobbi Brown is the best advice for any bride out there. Your wedding day is not a time to be on trend, your makeup should be gorgeous and timeless, so when you look back at your wedding photos in 5 or 10 years you won’t say to yourself “ what was I thinking?!”.

Check out this video before your wedding day make up trial.



Wedding Planning tips, I couldn't agree more with!

L’orangerie Photographie

L’orangerie Photographie

The people at Martha Stewart Weddings wrote an amazing article on wedding planning, summarizing where you should allocate your budget and quite frankly I could not agree more! When you don’t have all the money in the world to spend on your wedding, you have to invest your money where it counts. I should change my title from wedding planner to wedding strategist because it’s all about implementing a good strategy before proceeding to the planning part. Wedding planning is like financial planning, you want to invest where you will get the highest return on your money. You need to lay out a plan before booking any vendors, that way you know you have a balanced budget for the big day. Moreover, this will ensure that you’ve allocated the necessary funds in the right places, because a thought out strategy will yield the most beautiful results for your wedding day. Click here to read what the queen of weddings, Martha Stewart, has to say about your big day!


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5 tips on how to plan an express wedding!

One of my first full planning contracts was an express wedding. My client reached out to me and asked if I can plan an entire wedding in just two months. It was exciting and scary at the same time. I couldn’t say no to this amazing opportunity but I was worried that I would not be able to find any good vendors for a Saturday wedding in the month of June. Hello! Wedding prime time season! So I took a deep breath and told my future bride not to worry because I have everything under control.

1- Hire a wedding planner that offers floral design and planning

Truth be told, I do applaud my client for making her first call to a wedding planner and not even attempting to plan the wedding herself. Wedding planners are a sound investment to make in the early stages of your wedding. They can take away the stress and find ways to make everything fit in your budget. So making a small investment by hiring your planner will save you money in the long run. Moreover, finding a planner that offers double duty planning and floral design is key because you only have to deal with one person for your design, flowers, and coordination. This is a huge time-saver.

2- Begin dress-shopping ASAP!

Usually, wedding dresses are made to order and require a few months to be delivered. So if you can’t get a dress made to order, do not worry as many retailers have a few sizes in stock. So you can get a brand new dress and have plenty of time for alterations.

3- Skip the paper invitations.

Express weddings are usually planned in less than six months. This means, you definitely don’t have time for Save The Dates. Email everyone as soon a possible asking them to mark their calendar and inform them that E-vites are to follow. Online invitations are a great money- and time-saver. Think about it: invitations can take two months to design and print, then you have to give your guests 2-3 weeks to RSVP, and then you will need to provide your final headcount a few weeks before the wedding. So, unless you can’t live without paper invitations, I would just skip it.

4- Finding the right vendors

I love that express weddings don’t give you the time to second guess yourself. Decisions have to be made quickly and usually your gut is always right. You don’t have the luxury of visiting several vendors. My advice: before making any decisions, make a list of things you hate. I always ask my clients for their “must haves” (e.g. a great photographer, a band and not a DJ etc.) and wedding pet peeves. Nine out of ten times I get a clear description of things clients don’t want to see at their wedding. By doing this exercise, you come to realize what you like, it helps your planner narrow down the list of vendors that will work for you, and most importantly you’re guaranteed not to see anything you can’t stand at your wedding. This is a solid plan that works every time!

5- A short notice wedding may cause a shorter guest list

You have to be prepared that you may receive some declines: since your invitees did not free up their calendar ahead of time, they may have other commitments. But don’t despair because intimate weddings are beautiful! They truly are my favorites. With a smaller wedding, you may be able splurge on some items that you probably would not opt for on a bigger wedding. And let’s not forget: smaller weddings are less expensive. Saving money is never a bad thing. 

At last! Your wedding day is here! That’s the best part of an express wedding, you blink and everything is done. All you need to do is celebrate!


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My journey to Greece/ Mon périple en Grèce


My love for Greece began many years ago; however, it was one magical trip sailing around Santorini that made me realize how Greece truly is one the most beautiful backdrops for any wedding. I’ve island hoped from Crete to Corfu, and have even seen the beautiful mountains of Metsovo (I bet you haven't heard of that place before). I have wandered to almost every corner of Greece and left pieces of my heart. If you choose to have your wedding in Greece or anywhere around the world Events by Cece would love to be part of your day.

Mon amour pour la Grèce est né il y a de nombreuses années. Toutefois, c’est un voyage magique à voile autour de l’île Santorin qui m’a fait réaliser à quel point la Grèce est vraiment l’un des plus beaux lieux pour une cérémonie de mariage. J’ai parcouru plusieurs îles, de la Crète au Corfu, et j’ai vu les magnifiques montagnes de Metsovo (je parie que vous n’avez jamais entendu parler de cet endroit). Je me suis promenée dans presque tous les coins de la Grèce et y ai laissé un petit peu de mon cœur. Si vous choisissez de tenir votre cérémonie de mariage en Grèce ou n’importe où dans le monde, Events by Cece serait heureuse de contribuer à son succès.