Getting to know the team


10 things you didn’t know about
Jennifer Crisafulli:
Founder, Creative Director and Planner


Photography by Dimitris

Yes indeed, I planned and attended this wedding, I had such a blast!


1- I turn everything into a project. I’m constantly working on something.

2- I love hosting dinner parties - just ask my fiancé.

3- I love my cats to the moon and back! #dontshopadopt

4- I have a degree in Fashion Design and a Bachelor’s degree in Psychology. Naturally, I was destined to become a wedding planner.

5- I google everything!

6- Interior design is my manstress (male mistress).

7- I’ve travelled to many places and adored each one of them, however I’m the first to get home sick.

8- Hard to believe I'm an introvert.

9- I’ve been called eclectic and selective in the same sentence, I guess they were trying to tell me something.

10- I’m a listener.


10 things you don’t know about
Stefania Janiak:
Co-Creative Director and Planner

Photography by Nania Sergi

1. I lived in Paris for almost four years. I'm a die-hard Francophile.

2. I have a Bachelor’s of Fine Arts in Art History and a degree in Fashion Design.

3. I'm a wine nerd. Right now I'm into biodynamic white wines. 

4. I'm an artist. I love to make beautiful things, it’s incredibly therapeutic

5. I’m a foodie. I love to share big meals with wonderful people.

6. I love markets, they’re a weekend ritual and wherever I travel they’re the first place I go. 

7. I'm a book worm, I always have a good novel to get lost in. 

8. I have an incurable case of wanderlust. 

9. I'm a minimalist. Beauty is in the smallest details.

10. I'm a Cancer, a hopeless romantic with an over-active imagination.